Every year the Channel Islands’ respective employment regulatory environments get more complex and, critically, more fraught with the potential for sanctions; many of them financial and possibly business-ending.

At TM Legal we work to support all firms navigate this space not just to avoid fines but, crucially to thrive and grow. As the only Employment lawyer in the Channel Islands specialising in Employer work, Lindsay Edwards-Thatcher offers a uniquely informed perspective and professional resource.

Specialising in the needs of small to medium size businesses TM Legal can advise on the latest Channel Islands Employment legislation.

We can offer a fixed fee retainer quotation or tailor our offering to the needs of your business. This includes the option to access our in-house training programmes and one-off, focused sessions in relation to Employment Law and Practice. We can also provide outplacement services where needed.

If you would like to enquire about our extensive services please email in the first instance.


We offer in house training in relation to Employment Law and Practice in an easy to understand format. We can also provide outplacement services where needed.


Employment law is forever changing due to the vast amount of cases that proceed through the Tribunals both in the Channel Islands and the UK. It is essential to be up to date but also confident in the issues that need to be handled.

It is essential to be up to date but also confident in the issues that need to be handled.

Lindsay is an employment law specialist who has been at the forefront of championing the needs and rights of business. She has written extensively on the challenges they face because of increasingly employee-dominated employment legislation that fails to address their concerns.

Lindsay established her own legal practice, TM Legal Services, in 2008 specialising in Jersey and Guernsey Employment Law. Her clients range from Trust companies to builders and from five to 190 employees. Lindsay works solely for employers.

To compliment her contentious experience Lindsay is an ADR accredited mediator.

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“Lindsay has provided the management team in house employment law training and her direct but friendly approach really brought the topics covered home to the participants. Lindsay always provides straight to the point, no nonsense advice on any employment law and her lunchtime seminars on specific employment law aspects are clear, concise and interactive. It’s always a pleasure working with Lindsay, she delivers exactly what is required”


“Lindsay's services have been invaluable to me over the last 7 years. She provides clear, practical, easy to understand advice. She is always easy to get hold of and has been a huge support. She is also very reasonably priced. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other businesses”


“TM have supported our company for several years. The support, advice and availability at any time give myself and the board comfort that we have the wellbeing of our staff and protection of the company first and foremost, a huge asset to our business. In addition with training, seminars and bulletins we are provided with up to date law changes in advance of them being introduced to allow our business to adapt as required”


“Lunch time sessions – I find these a great benefit, appreciating the on point concise delivery within an intimate setting where there is also the benefit of hearing the views of others and the events that crop up in their offices. Handbook and related documents – Very fast service which did not present itself as an opportunity to pick holes in everything and turn it into a larger exercise! Compromises – Lindsay made herself available quickly, as required. Clear, concise and documents were not challenged. Discrimination training to company – Lindsay held the audience and importance of messages seems to have been received”


“Since October 2013, this company has been guided through the ever changing maze of Jersey Employment Laws by T M Legal and specifically Lindsay Edwards-Thatcher. Lindsay has kept us up-to-date with the requirements on our Statement of Employment Terms, Staff Handbook, HR procedures and how to deal with all staff on a daily basis. Her seminars are vital to keep us up to date, for the changes in the Jersey Employment Law, to ensure that we comply as a modern growing business”


“Lindsay has been providing regular updates as the new Discrimination Laws in Jersey have been introduced. She has also periodically submitted updates and developing case law via e mail to those who attend her seminars. I can confirm that Lindsay’s lectures/seminars are extremely informative and provide up to date and sound advice on current issues relating to Employment and Discrimination Law in Jersey. The seminars are given in a relaxed and informal arena which allows those attending to provide their own input and to ask questions and raise issues. Lindsay’s advices and responses to any such issues are practically and commercially based and are direct and to the point. Lindsay’s seminars would be extremely useful for employers owning their own business and employing a workforce, human resource managers and to lawyers or others seeking to update themselves in areas of Employment and Discrimination Law”


Healthy workers will increase your Employment engagement and reduce absenteeism. In turn this will help you deal with any potential disability discrimination. From drug/alcohol use through to depression/ stress in the workplace or mental ill health it is essential that you as the Employer have a wellness program to deal with such circumstances.

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